Friday, 31 August 2012

Massively Side-Tracked

Hi all,

its been a while since i posted...i have had a sort out of my collection and have created a necromunda inspired rule set for 6th edition....if you want to have a look at it or potentially join in...leave me a message and i will get you an invite to the closed group.

Currently established:
Starting Armies for all main armies except GK, Tyranids and Sisters...Black Templars are kind of there
A basic guide to gaining experience
A excel based tracker that can be modified to suit
An example full codex (Imperial Guard)
Example Tech Tree
A how to turn your codex into a necromunda inspired one.

So....yeah Word Bearers are sitting on the shelf awaiting the new codex...have ordered 2 Dark Vengeance so i can fill out my ranks quickly with some awesome models...and this narrative army for Imperial Guard (tallarn, all metal...i have over 200 of them to paint).

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Word Bearers Update

Played my game against Stewart yesterday to find out the divination of my word bearer band...Its Nurgle. Kinda beardy with the new rules for Epidimus and that...but it was almost Slannesh (the first daemon prince summoned).

Also I will be doing some work on the Necrons and posting that up asap.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

40K Update - Chaos and cool stuff

Iron Warriors Necrons not really working out, so switching to 'Steel Bretheren' as the paint job is just a little bit easier. I will be uploading some images of the works in progress and that will be uploaded shortly (want to mkae some progress to make it clear).

Night Lords have disappeared from the face of earth to eBay...Proxy Army is on the back burner as is fantasy at the moment (6th Ed, to much fun).

The narrative for the Word Bearers is coming along and i now have a herald for each divination (from the fantasy range) as well as a troop choice of each (YAY, new plastic plaguebearers, still to be opened).

Gaming front - Invaders/Death Whispers...less than 10models to finish for the army...then on to the GK wing of my army (needs expanding on, only like 700points atm, and Coteaz is the HQ with no henchman squads).

Using some spares I will be making up some more GK models, specifically a Termi Libby and Grand Master...

Although it is tempting to use the spares to make more Word Bearers (Termies, Possessed, Cultists)...

Also have a Defiler but am not looking to keeping it as not really in my fluffy history...Oh and have a Daemon Prince to add as the guide to my word bearers force....Upcoming game to decide the divination of my force....Really looking to make some cult troops based on the upgrade pack in the CSM man box set...Game with Matt will determine what divination....can he 'Stop the Ritual'????

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Iron Warriors Stumpling on Innactive Tomb World

Hi All,

Just a brief update....painting heralds for the next narrative mission (almost done)...images to follow.

On a more prominent note, after debating my mindset about doing summit necron...i wanted to make an annihilation barge on a land i did it.

To make this work and playable, i have also built an iron warriors overlord, 5 immortals with tesla, 5 immortals with gauss and 5 deathmarks

IMAGES TO FOLLOW, this is fun in a bun!

Sunday, 29 July 2012

First Game for Word Bearers

So as part of the Word Bearer army writing, i have scheduled a handful of games over the last few days to play out as part of the narrative.

So Game 1, IG vs Word Bearers...

We played a modified version of a basic scenario I wrote and can be found here: Battle Details and Mission Rules...Minor Changes Made as Game was Played

The main battle report in all its glory (images and all) can be found here: Bat Rep on Scribd

My apologises its not embedded but Blogger does not allow file hosting (except images), so will need to read it on local friendly document sharing site.

Also, if you want to just have a read of the Word Bearers story - check out :

Friday, 27 July 2012

Quick Update - Photos to Follow Shortly

Went back home for a few days, so didnt get much hobby in....

On the upside the Word Bearers Force is almost done  (in its allies form)...with Nabu, Erra leading a squad of chosen with plasma, 5 man squad with PF and Plasma, 10man Squad with Flamer, Melta sarg with PW/MB....

Upcoming tomorrow in store (saturday) i will be playin the first narrative campaign mission for the Word Bearers and there desire to find a diety....

Battle reports and stuff will follow on the Word Bearers blog mainly....

The intrepid story of the Host that is Nabu and his men...As a side note, currently working on IG allies for their upcoming visit to a forgeworld..the techpriest enginseer is already finished...just working on his servitors...also debating a IG ally of guys from the world of Lastrati...altough their initial daemon addition will suffice from that i hope its Khorne as there the only models that are anywhere near done....

Anyhow, Chow for now!!!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Chapter 4 - Angels From Heaven or Hell? WIP

Chapter 4 – Angels From Heaven or Hell?

Unsure of whether there was a cohort of Black Templars on the planet trying to continue to halt the blood rituals or not, Nabu aired on the side of caution insisting that the pilot land the thunderhawk in the remaining open lands on Lastrati. This was to be a quiet inquiry, similar to that of their brothers in the Alpha Legion, until the host could establish links and connect with the various leaders of the major cities.  The Thunderhawk  had only just left the hangar bay and begun its descent to the planet’s surface, as the pilot navigated through the air space looking for an appropriate place to land and deliver the war host contained within. The war host of fates reach were few in number, but strong in will and devout to the cause ahead of them, nothing would stop them in their pursuit of enlightenment. Nabu had two squads of astartes to support him in his cause as well as Erra and his chosen few with their plasma technology. Although Erra had his chosen few, Nabu valued the devotion of each of his brothers, each will fulfil the hosts desire in service not just to the word but to their master and lord. “Brothers we ready for battle, we swear our oath of moment to this time, we shall seek enlightenment of this world and remove the taint of the emperor from this planet”
“By your word, it will be done” clucked the astartes

*     *     *

The engines had stopped roaring, that was the indication to the host that they were ready to seek enlightenment on this world. “brothers be ready, we start out pilgrimage on this world”
As the astartes began to leave the Thunderhawk gunship a tactical array appeared on the internal display of Nabu’s helmet, a location was identified roughly three miles north of their landing pad. It was a small settlement that outlied on one of the cities, this would be the first time that they Word Bearers would make contact with the people’s of this planet, did he hope that they would provide some answers for him…

With no vehicles, except the thunderhawk, the Word Bearers made their way on foot towards the settlement, the vox was clear and silent, no astartes need mutter a word when following their Apostle, for he would lead the way to the destination. A private hail was received over the vox, it was from the Fleet Commander aboard the Fates Effect. “My Lord, I have had confirmation from the leaders of the first city, they are on their way to meet you in the settlement. The other leaders have yet to confirm their attendance, this may be to not alert the local imperial forces of your presence”
“Thank you Adanu, What is the status of the ground forces?”
“According to the leaders it is mainly Imperial Guard but there is word of a group of Black Templars residing in one of the cities, keeping an eye out for heretics”
“How have these supposed leaders remained for so long then?
“That my lord you will have to ask them yourselves…”
The vox link cut out as Erra’s voice came over another channel. “We are close to the outskirts of the settlement my Lord, it looks more like an outlying hive city than what I had expected”
“Do not let your eyes deceive you Erra. This world holds true to its origins, I expect that most of the hives are located underground. Worry not, I am sure our arrival will be expected and welcomed”

The astartes had not yet drawn their weapons on this planet, but were being cautious as they approached the outer edge of the city. A small group of men armed with laspistols and shotguns were waiting, they had not yet seen them due to the lack of augmented sight provided by the Astartes suit of armour. “Hostiles Ahead” barked a marine
“They are not hostile, they are awaiting the angels” replied Nabu
“Calm yourselves, their weaponary is primitive anyhow…it would not be able to harm an Astartes” chimed Erra.
“Arrogance will pay you no heed Erra, we may be strong but we are not immortal”
The astartes continued to pace forward towards the city, finally the humans had noticed them. They were ushering the astartes into the city through what seemed like a disused exit of the city, although no official boundary seemed to be apparent in the minds of Nabu. Small hab cities like this were common place, areas of mass poverty, each full of gangers and crimes that were policed by the local militia. This city however seemed devoid of any rule, the city was in ruins and was more than likely to be abandoned, save for a few that could not bare to leave. An opportune location to meet thought Nabu, their hosts had thought this through.

As the bulky astartes walked the ruined city, constantly surveying their surroundings ensuring that their was to be no foul play, they could not help but notice the distinct smell and plague that seemed to have ravaged this city.
“What happened here?” questioned Nabu, as he walked behind the humans
“The great plague. No-one really comes here anymore, it was told that a great being appeared before this world and infected it with a evil virus, from which only the strong would survive”
“And how many did?”
The response played on his mind for a moment before continuing his line of questioning “And what of the great plague now?”
“It is said that some still bare the burden of the plague, but for the most part it is believed to have died out. It is said that this city is cursed and that it will return one day to wreak it vengeance, hence why no-one really lives here”
“Such a pleasant tale, a city damned and people flock away”

It was not much more than a five minute walk before they had reached their destination, a large cathedral like structure that despite the rest of the city was intact, they began their walk up the marble stairway to the lording arched doorway that was appearing in front of them. The men that had lead them to their destination, briefly nealt before the temple before entering through its gate, Nabu although surprised by the apparent ritual enjoyed seeing such devotion. Maybe this world will hold the answers I seek. Nabu continued up the stairs, turned to face his brothers “Erra, stay with the host and set up a perimeter. If anything trys to interrupt us, show it the power of our word”
“Yes My Lord” and with that Erra began to co-ordintate his brother astartes to take up different positions within the city to ensure that they were not interrupted. Satisfied that his will was being done, Nabu turned back and entered the temple.

For a human place of devotion Nabu was impressed with its grandeur, what appeared to be black marble lined the temple, although there was patches of what appeared to be toxic waste was placed sporadically around the temple. He walked down the central gangway through the sets of pews located either side of him to see a group of four young men and an elderly gentleman sitting atop an Emerald Throne. “Welcome Angel” barked the old man.
Nabu stopped halfway down the great hallway, the echo from the man indicating that he was close enough to have the conversation he desired.
“Why do you call me an Angel? And who do I address in this glorious monument?”
“You may call me Grimalus, I am the leader of one of the four cults on this world”
“There are four ways to show your devotion on this world Angel. Plague, Pleasure, Sorecey and Bloodshed. I lead those that believe the Great Plague will return and that we are the chosen strong few that will remain on this planet, triumphing above all others. I was but a boy when the curse struck and now I am living proof of the possibilities of our people.” As he finished his tale, he revealed various boils that seemed to ooze a green liquid.
“You seem ill of health Grimalus, not much longer for this plain are you?”
Grimalus brought a smerk across his face as he regarded the giant figure in red and gold. “I have been on this world for over two hundred years, I am not cursed but blessed by the great plague. I stand alone atop the world with this blessing”
“So what do you have to tell me of this world? How can you enlighten me in the ways of the supposed plague?”
“Supposed plague?” scoffed the old man, “You will see what we see, through my words I will enlighten you and you will look for our word to guide you. The great plague provides us with resilience  to our enemies, we may be few in number but we are not affected by simple illness. We shrug off wounds that would kill mortal men outright…”
“As you see old man, we are not mortal men”
“But you can still fall ill as we do, shed blood in the light of war…By following our faith and aiding in the sacrifice to the great plague you will be rewarded”
“I will not decide yet , bearer of the plague. I seek information from all councils before the decision is rendered.”
“Be it your will, but you will find that the other leaders will only meet you within their grounds. This is a temple of plague, not of sorcery or pleasure. You will need to venture further to establish your pathway Angel”
“Then so it will be.”
Interruped by a Erra on the vox, “My Lord, There is a small Imperial force approaching our postion. It numbers no more than twenty-five humans. Shall we engage?”
“Await my arrival Erra” whispered Nabu through the vox channel, acutely aware that he was still engaged in conversation with the old man. “It seems that the local militia have been alerted to our presence. We must deal with this problem before our awareness is brought to those of more importance on this world”
“Then we shall all depart. We shall leave and return to our city. Make us aware of your decision shortly…we welcome the worship of angels to our cause”
“We shall see…” responded Nabu as he turned and left for the gates at the front of the temple to re join his host.