Friday, 31 August 2012

Massively Side-Tracked

Hi all,

its been a while since i posted...i have had a sort out of my collection and have created a necromunda inspired rule set for 6th edition....if you want to have a look at it or potentially join in...leave me a message and i will get you an invite to the closed group.

Currently established:
Starting Armies for all main armies except GK, Tyranids and Sisters...Black Templars are kind of there
A basic guide to gaining experience
A excel based tracker that can be modified to suit
An example full codex (Imperial Guard)
Example Tech Tree
A how to turn your codex into a necromunda inspired one.

So....yeah Word Bearers are sitting on the shelf awaiting the new codex...have ordered 2 Dark Vengeance so i can fill out my ranks quickly with some awesome models...and this narrative army for Imperial Guard (tallarn, all metal...i have over 200 of them to paint).

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